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About your order

Order: Once you choose your item, confirm the color, size, amount and others, please add it to your shopping cart, after which click the "continue shopping". Please remember to select the color and size of the item you choose. If you have some special requirements, please make a remark. Once you place your order, you are not able to change the attribute of your item (such as color and size).

  • Step 1. Shipping address. Once you place your order, please provide your shipping address to us. (the delivery address can be few, they would be added to the "private account.").
  • Step 2. Delivery costs. Then you go to the page which the shipping cost can be calculated. Shipping is executed by China Post or EMS (depending on customer choice). Its cost depends on the package weight of each product. Once you input your item, you would see a calculation of estimate price of the package in the appropriate box. Please read the product information where you can get information about the weight.
  • Step 3. Payment methods. Please select the payment method. For more information, see the title of "pay". There are three payment methods, credit card, Paypal and Western Union. You can choose anyone you like.
  • Step 4. Order confirmation. After this step, the order would be precessing. If you are paying by credit card, the money will be immediately stored into your yoycart account, however, if you transfer the money in your yoycart account in advance, you can also pay your products by using the account money in your yoycart.

Terms of order processing

We only accept the paid orders. We would process the paid orders in 1-3 working days.
Orders from Chinese suppliers needs 5-10 working days.
Therefore, the average term of the order from receive payment to the dispatching of the parcel from us needs 6-14 working days.
The shipping time depends on the number of the products you ordering and where you order your products from.
For example, If you place your order on 4th of November, we need to deliver the goods to your hand before 18th of November.

Changes on the order information and confirmation?

  • 1. The modification and confirmation of your order

    Before paying, you are able to change all the purchasing information. If you want to modify your purchasing list, just click the button “back” and input other products to ensure the products you would like to buy finally.
    Therefore, please make sure the correctness of your purchasing items, including size, color and others as we could not change any information of them.
    Please give some time to check the size and color of your products. If you are not sure about a item, please leave the special requirement and explaination in the remark box. (e.g., three dimensional network, red, medium size, desk lamp)

  • 2. The modification of delivery and address

    If you need to change your delivery method and shipping address, please send an E-mail to us or make a remark when you ordering.
    For example, combined or split orders
    If you would like to send the products in a same order to different person and address, we would not send the products in one parcel. Please remember to pay attention to these problems. According to your requirement, we would send products in the same order seperately to specified address.
    For example, please send the XXXXXXX product to the following two different addresses.

  • 3. Check the status of your order

    Order status may include:

    • 1. Awaiting payment
      It means that you have already put the products you are interested in your shopping cart, however, you have not paid for it. The the system would cancel your order automatically once you are not sucessfull in paying it after 10 days.
    • 2. Cancel
      Your order has been canceled.
    • 3. Not yet shipped
      If you have already paid an order, and you found that you still want to add other items. Under this circumstance, you could add other items within 48 hours.
    • 4. Prepared for Shipment
      If you have finished your purchasing and do not want to add other products, you can click “shipping”.
    • 5. Shipped on
      Once your order has been shipped, you could check the status of your parcel.
    • 6. Complete
      The parcel has been to the hands of customers finally.

  • 4. Dispute settlement

    This includes a lot of problems. For example, some goods suppliers do not send products to our warehouse because of the lack of products or the goods they sent to us are defective goods. Usually, these orders need your correction and intervention.
    Except for some circumstance under which we could not make a decision for you, you can track the status of your order to intervene.
    Confront with such kind of situation, you can make a replacement or a refund, you can also choose to add other products.

  • 5. How to add goods to your order

    When ordering, you found that you would like to buy more products , you can add them together with your previous products in the same order, However, this procedure has to be within 48 hours.
    Add your products to your shopping cart: The procedure is just like ordering items. You just need to choose the new items you would like and simply add them to your shopping cart.
    When you complete your order and do not want to change anything. The weight of the parcel would be calculated automatically.
    If you add more items, the shipping time would be different accompanied by your new order. We have to recalculate the shipping time for you. The shipping time would be decided by the last product adding in your order.
    For example, the order you place is on the 1st, April, and it needs 5 days to deal with this order. As a result, your order would be shipped on 6th, April. However, if you add another new item on 3rd, April, then the time would be changed to 8th, April.

  • 6. Some additional costs

    General, this problem won't happen. We may require additional payment in some special circumstance.
    For example, if the actual weight of the package is greater than or less than the originally specified weight.
    If your order requires additional payment, you will receive a confirmation letter (by e-mail), and our customer service staff will contact you. Of course, we would put actual weight in the mail to explain to you. However, if the package weight you choose is less than the actual weight, you would receive a refund to your payment account. This time should be within 72 hours.

  • 7. Order confirmation

    In our website, you would see the sending information of your order, we would primarily inform you through E-mail. If you have questions we could rearrange to send, just click "add to existing orders."
    If you do not click, the order would be sent in 48 hours.

  • 8. Order Cancellation

    You could cancel all the orders you haven’t paid, such as: “Awaiting payment” order. Once you have cancelled your orders, we won’t pay attention to your orders anymore. If you would like to resort their status to make payment, please contact our customer service staff. In rare cases, the seller could cancel the paid orders. For example, the products you have ordered have not been purchased. In this case, the entire payment will be unlocked, and it would be back to your bank account.

  • 9. Comments and recommendations of the goods

    If you have some substantive comments to good suppliers in the ordering process, please write them in the remarks column, we would transfer your views to the supplier.
    If you would like to say something to our site, please write your comment in the remarks column. Your suggestions would be the driving force and direction to our development. We sincerely look forward to your valuable comments.
    Meanwhile, in the procurement of certain goods, you found that you would like to purchase other products from the same seller, please tell us and state in the remark column (For example: you bought a red coat, then you saw on the supplier network shop with a pair of pants which style you would like to buy. Then you only need to write on the red coat order: I also want the pants along with links XXX and we could purchase them for you together.

  • 10. Under which circumstance can I reject the goods?

    According to the treaty of the website , in general, when the procurement and transportation of the order has occurred, you can not refuse to receive goods by personal affection except in the following situations:

    • 1. The goods you want to cancel do not enter into the procurement process.
    • 2. The real product is completely different from description
    • 3. The product you received is completely wrong in color and size
    • 4. The product you received is damaged
    • 5. The goods is not the commodity as I ordered
    Once we ordered products from suppliers and passed those products to our warehouse, we could not stop the procedure. Therefore, please make sure the correctness of your purchasing items, including size, color and others. If you are unfamiliar with the products you are going to purchase, please look at the explaination and help in advance. You can also ask us to get help, which can avoid potential troubles. We will do our best to provide you with the best quality service

Overweight problem!

When ordering, please remember the following two tips:

  • 1. The maximum weight of the parcel (EMS is 30kg gross weight, while China Post (small parcels) is 20kg gross weight)
  • 2. Within this declaration charges the commodity is duty free.(The declaration charges is less than 1000 euro. For more details, please read "Customs Clearance and Duties")
We hope you can pay attention to this information. We strongly suggest you delivering goods by separate parcels if your goods exceed the weight maximum or declaration charges. It would greatly reduce the risks you might confront with by doing so.

How to purchase bulk commodities (and wholesale goods)?

yoycart provides a huge commodity purchasing platform, and we have several dedicated sales representatives who could help you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

What services can we provide?

  • 1. Product search, negotiation with the seller.
  • 2. Product quality evaluation and control.
  • 3. Ordering goods from warehouse.
  • 4. Help you find OEM products.
  • 5. Provide samples, help you find the manufacturer(legitimate manufacturers in China)

The proposal for Customs clearance and smooth customs clearance

When you make a wholesale order, you must know the following important information: Make sure the conditions for imported goods,
The order you selected should comply with the terms of customs clearance of goods (general customs clearance information, you can find the site XXXXX.COM, also consulted the customs suggestion).
Note: Plenty of brand goods are not accepted by transportation company (because they may be counterfeit. As this is a fact, if you need to deliver such kind of goods together, you have to get a permission from the brand owners, after while, we can arrange a designated transportation company for you). We would not take responsibility for such deducting goods under this circumstance.

In dealing with the transportation of those goods, please listen to our proposal,.It would provide your purchase with a reliable guarantee!

What can we help you deal with?

  • 1. Provide customs broker
  • 2. The provision of transport companies
  • 3. Provide customs clearance documents
Therefore, when you place wholesale orders on our website, you only need to pay the costs of goods and customs clearance as well as payment of freight charges. We would do all other things for you.
So when you begin to deal with your wholesale orders, we will need you to pay a deposit of purchase to help us confirm your purchase intention. If you do not use our service, all payments would be refunded immediately.

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