A: delivery time

How does yoycart deliver the goods
Delivery time includes two parts:

  • 1. the time we need to deal with your order----we get the goods from the suppliers to our warehouse (2-5 days)
  • 2. the time that the parcel sent from China to destination (7-20 days)
If you replace an order----add and reduce the orders, the time of the order processing will change, and the order date will be recounted.
For example, you place an order on 1st April, the order processing time is 5 days (1st April+5 days). If you add merchandises on 3rd April, the order date will be counted as 3rd April, the order processing time is 8 days (3rd April +5 days).
The truth is that we have to purchase again for your added orders, not because we don’t deal with your order in time.
After your payment is successful, we will contact with the suppliers and they will send the goods to our warehouse.
We will check the quality of the merchandise carefully, if there is no problem, the merchandise will be shipped out immediately. We will send the tracking number to you by which you can check the condition of the parcel.
We guarantee the quality of the goods: the colour, size or visible defect will be detected and treated immediately. We will send the goods back to the suppliers for exchange or ask them for refund.
Please attention, sometimes items may be different shades, which is due to the display color different result. For such things we are not responsible.

B: what express companies can yoycart provide?

We can provide several express companies, they are: EMS, DHL, Fedex, China Post.
We strongly recommend that you choose EMS because of its overseas freight charges are the cheapest. If you need to put another courier company, please let us know in the remark.
We wil give you the tracking number of your parcel, you can check the condition of the parcel on the web site of EMS. The average of the delivery time of EMS is 1-2 weeks.
China Post delivers your parcel through post office, so the delivery time will be longer (usually 2-3 weeks) than EMS, and the condition of the parcel can also be checked.
If you choose other courier company to deliver your merchandise, please pay the money according to the standard on our web site.

  • a: the delivery cost

    because we are a professional company dealing with this business, so we can get a discount from the express company.
    For example,
    a parcel weights 300g, the delivery cost will be calculated as the standard 500g.
    a parcel weights 550g, the delivery cost wil be calculated as 1000g.
    a parcel weights 3000g, the delivery cost will be calculated as 3000g.
    the parcel's weight is calculate from 500g, that means the basic unit is 500g. please take a look at the following fig, and make correct choice for your parcel.
    The total weight of the parcel is limited if you choose EMS, a single parcel's weight is limited at 29.7kg.
    The EMS also limits the maximum size, hight and length of the parcel, you can check the details on the EMS web site.
    If your parcel's weight is over 29.7kg, your order will be divided into several parcels to be sent out. If the quantity of your order is large, but they are not delivered to one place, your order will also be devided into several parcels to be send out. And you don't have to pay for it.
    You can also set an insurance for your order, the minimum cost of each insurance will be defaulted as 100 RMB, the highest amount can be increased up to $ 2,500.

  • b: transport costs

    The transport cost you have to pay depends on the weight of the parcel, you can calculate the weight value of the parcel based on the Parcel Weight Reference Table.
    You can also confirm the weight of the merchandise by the product information offered by the suppliers. If the suppliers can not make sure, you can estimate the weight by using the Parcel Weight Reference Table.
    Please remember that the final weight of the parcel can only be sure after the merchandise from the suppliers reached our warehouse. We will put your orders in one parcel and send them together to you.
    When the actual weight and your estimates are significant differences, we will contact you to deal with the additional costs.

  • c. how can we know the weight of the merchandise?

    yoycart offer you the reference weight of the main products, you can estimate the weight of your parcel according to them.

  • Get more infomation: Table indicative of weight of goods

Will yoycart offer the tracking number? When can I know the tracking number?

yoycart will send the tracking number to the clients at first time after the orders are shipped out.
All the parcels of EMS have unique checking numbers. You can see it in the home page "my account"-"my order"-"order details"-"tracking number"
You can find them on the office website of China EMS and check the condition of the parcel. Usually it will update in 24 hours after it was shipped out.

EMS Terms of Service Compensation Services

Compensation for non-payment of the following:

  • 1. If the loss of goods due to force majeure (other than insurance programs.)
  • 2. Confiscation of prohibited items in the case of public authorities or transport of goods, the provisions of the restrictions under applicable law.
  • 3. If the goods have been delivered, without damage to the packaging and delivery process is executed according to regulations.
  • 4. No sign as damaged or delayed according to the characteristics of the product itself from the loss of goods caused by the situation.
Compensation made according to time, (in the time of delivery to question the week) we will give you a timely manner.

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