Claims & complaints

Claims & complaints

The important thing you need to know is that yoycart is a company for providing the service. You could choose the goods you like on China, order and pay it.
Our function is to provide efficient service to help you to order on China (such as: providing method of payment and corresponding system; searching goods you want to order; sending the item to our warehouse in China, controling the quality, and sending the goods to you (through by postal service)
We can guarantee all the service with high quality, as reflected in the user agreement. Please read the text of agreement carefully during the process of registration.

About how to control the qulity of products

yoycart have the procedure of quality control only after the goods have sent to our warehouse in China. Then we can check whether they fulfill our actural requirement. such as: the size. color and if it has the obvious defects. But we couldn't do some subjective judgment for you.
For example: the goods are less beautiful than my imagination; it is not as beautiful as I was saw it on the photos; its material is not the same as I think. these are happened after we have order the goods, so there can not to be turned back after the order have already generating.

We will control the products by the basic parameters of your order

A: If you ordered a dress blue size M, the amount. we will correspond to these criteria, When we receive the goods.
This is the blue dress, no obvious defects, no open seam, wear ect. We would also be highly concerned about other quality problem. But we can not answer questions about subjective issues (for example, whether it is basic parameters of your order or what kinds of the leather do it made from ), because this is not possible to directly estimate these parameters.
B: Mobile equipment (such as: mobile phone), we can only make sure it is functioning. (Such as: opening, open, and check whether the damaged cell phone, power and other accessories are intact.)

We will ask a refund from the suppliers or make a complain according to the fact.

1. The size of the product is not fit for you.
2. the colour of the product is different. (a product will have several pictures from different angle. Attention please, sometimes the product may be different shades which may be due to the deviation of the display of the Pixel. And in this addition, your claima are not accepted.)
3. the product delivered with wrong type.

In the conditions mentioned above, we can ask a refund from the suppliers. But you will have to pay the fee in the following conditions:
In these special conditions, You can send your complaint through our dedicated channels to us.
Please type in your order number, the refund amount and pictures as an attachment. Your complaint will be handled in 1-5 working days, and we will contact with the suppliers to give you a good explanation.

Attention please! Claims and complaints is considered to be in the order you think the problem, they do not include additional parts. We are not responsible for and do not accept the additional amount of the claims:

1. The buyer has to pay the shipping fee of the returned parcel, and the seller will pay the shipping of the resend parcel.
2. If the seller agrees to exchange the merchandise for the buyer because subjective reasons, the return/exchange costs are all the buyer to bear.
3. If the buyer decide ro give up the order, but the seller won't refund and can exchange it only, we are not going to compensate the costs of the the buyer's merchandise. However, whether to resend the exchange products out or not is depend on the buyer.
4. Please understand that all of the operations must be done within a reasonable time that set by both sides, and those over time complaints are depended on the attitude of the seller.
5. Buyers should take the return time into account, the maximum time should be 5 working days (calculating from the date we receive the goods)
6. Refund, the seller has received the parcel and send it to us, the buyer will get all the costs back, it will be send back to the buyer's bank in 3 working days.
7. the service fees and transport costs of the website are noe included in the return.
8. the buyer should pay for the shipping of resending the exchange products, the amount is depend on the weight of the merchandise.

About the return/exchange with difference weight of merchandise

1. If you find out that the weight of the parcel was been wrongly calculated when you got the order, please offer the parcel receipt which provided by the transport company. We will recalculate for you in 7 working days, and refund the difference to you.
2. If you don't agree with the form of weight computation we have offered (we will provide the photo of weight for your goods),please note, all claims we only to consider the actual weight which is on the parcel receipt
3. If you don't agree or doubt at our weight standard, please ask us to check before the merchandise is send out to make sure the actual weight.

Please give us a refund feedback form for us to recheck. The application material must include:

a. your order number
b. your contact
c. a single parcel's actual weight (original)
d. attachment of the receipt (picture or scan), copy of the receipt of the parcel's weight.
The deadline is 7 working days. If the parcel's weight is acturaly more light than the original after we deal with your order again, we will refund you the extra shipping fee.

If the weight on the parcel's receipt is small than the weight you choose?

We will contact you at once, and we are not responsible for the loss caused by delay. If this are our fault which caused by our workers, we will delivery the parcel to your place free.

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