Registration and Personal Area

About the process of registration

If you want to enjoy the service of you need to register.

The registration is free and do not have to take any obligation. It is easy to register. You just have to input your personal information, e-mail address and password. After you have registered on our site, your e-mail will receive a message to confirm. The surname and first name you registered will be the receiver data of your order. You can change them manually for any other.

If you have finished the registration, you can get all the service and function, including the handling of orders and payment. The e-mail address should be correct. Because all relavant message and situation will send to your e-mail.

You can change by yourself.

If you have registered and forgot the password, you can follow the process of password hint. If you have input the right information and still can not log in, please contact the customer service of

The introduction of personal account

After the registration, your account will have these followed information:

  • Personal information and password;
  • The list of item and condition of all orders;("using this order")
  • Checking the condition of your account;
  • Statement of account and list of all trades;
  • The selected item and manufacturers.

Modification of personal information and password

You can change your personal information(name, bithday and so on) and One Time Password. You cango to your presonal account and click the button of "password changing".

In addition, you can change your e-mail to receive message. To do this in a private office, you can go to the section "Summary" and enter your new email address to receive notifications.

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