How to find the right product in the catalog

How can we find a suitable product catalogue on

In the catalogue, there are more than 3,650,000 products for consumers, and this number changes day by day. You can almost find all products you would like to buy in the catalogue, such as clothes, shoes, cosmetics, toys, household, electronic products,tools as well as appliances of household, even the bicycles.In order to choose the commodity quickly and comfortably,we offer several options for you to search.

  • Searching by Key words: For example,you would like to buy the women Artka jeans. If you would like to search this item,you should input the Artka jeans in the top search bar and search for it. In this circumstance, the system would automatically show you all the women Artka jeans with different size,color,styles and so on. By using this search method, you will find 37 Artka jeans in front of you.
  • Searching by products category:
    • You do not have to use the top search bar. You can seach products just by clicking the products catalogue on the left. For example, you need a product category “women”. In all women clothes, you would like to buy women jeans particularly. You would find more than 1,313,570 women jeans in front of you. By choosing the brand,Artka, you would only find 48 pairs of Artka jeans by narrowing the scope.
    • Meanwhile, your search can be more precise. For example, you can specify your search by style, such as skinny jeans, flares, hip-huggers, tight and straight jeans. You just need to choose the style of your trousers on the left. For instance, you would like to buy Artka tight jeans, by searching like this, you would find 6 pairs of trousers. And the order will be ranked by different suppliers and the price of the products.
    • We strongly recommend the second method. If you are searching a product with special feature, such as color, style and size, the second method could help you find a specified product at ease.
  • If you know a particular product: If available, you have already known what kind of product you need and which category it belongs to.(usually belongs to a specified title bar). What you need to do is inputing the name of your products and then clicking the button of “search”. And you will see all the procucts which are from different suppliers. And among which, you can choose the best quality product with cheapest price.

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