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1. Why purchase chinese goods
This is not the so-called secret, china is the “factory of the world”. Ten years ago, the quality of chinese goods attracted a lot of criticism, but now, it has undergone fundamental changes, china has become a huge science park, a collection of the latest product and progress of science and technology. China’s GDP growth every year. Due to the lower production cost and low skilled labor price, china’s goods is attracting more and more attention from the world. chinese manufactures produce almost any type of the products in the world: key chain, plastic vessels, medical equipment and vehicles.
2. About our company
Our company has skillfully operation team and rich purchasing experience, we can meet your various procurement requirement. We abide the principle customer supremacy, and expending our platform, enhance our customer service, inprove our service standards.
3. Contact us is your friendly, trustworthy, professional chinese commodity purchaser.

The security policy and confidential clause of yoycart

1. General Principles
The information of our registered consumers is very important and it is our responsibility to protect the information of our consumers. Abiding by the prescriptive international laws and regulations, we take the necessary technology and scientific measures to assure the safety of our website and the data not to be divulged.
It is regarded as a tort that anyone who spreads or looks up personal information without being authorized in any way. So we will take legal processes to protect your private rights.
2. Is it safe to purchase on
When consumers purchase on yoycart, they are absolutely safe. We have full confidence to assure that the business is normal and integrated Moreover, we use the SSL encryption protocol that is a cryptographic modality of data transfer providing a security link when we work.
3. Personal authorised information
There are two aspects to distinguish:
  • -You can review, select, search on and add your items to your shopping cart with your anonymity.
  • -You have to log in if you would like to place an order and make payment.
When consumer registers on our site, he or she must fill in the relative information including surname, name, Email address, telephone number, shipping address and password. Consumers will take full responsibility for the accuracy of personal information. In some cases, we reserve the rights to require your information confirming.
4. Payment ensure the safety and accuracy of every payment. We will check the received data, including name, order number, the payer, the payment date, total amount, the quantity of order and personal account. We also ensure safety and legality of our consumers in the payment.
We will finally confirm your payment according to the total amount and the payment methods. And we also accept a variety of payment methods: PayPal, Credit card and Western union.
5. Online payment security
The instrument of payment of is an international means of payment Paypal, which is the world largest third-party electronic payment system. Credit card is in full compliance with the requirement and authorization of VISA and MasterCard and it accepts supervision.
The requirement of system integration is in accordance with the standards of international payment. The information of consumer's credit card is not stored in our service or empowered server after your payment.
6. Other personal information sometimes have a survey about the after-sale service, tests and special events to the customers. In some cases, we will send necessary information about the participation of our activities to our customers. Of course, this is certainly on the premise of the willingness of them (only after you received the letter and confirmed with us). We will also conduct an investigation in the transaction security and customer satisfaction.
7. Monitoring, Cancellation of account and using your personal information
You can change, remove or cancel your personal information or account on You must log in to the website and make the necessary changes or termination of account. We remind you: Do not share with third parties about your login and password information. Remember, will never ask you for your password. You can change all the personal account information. Please refer to the relevant instructions of the personal data revision process. Personal data shall be kept for as long as you do not revoke your consent to processing. Personal data erasure procedures will be in line with the retention timeframes laid down by law.
If at the date of termination of account, there are any are any outstanding Fees owing by you, you will receive one final invoice via email. Once that invoice has been paid in full, you will not be charged again.
Fraud: Without limiting any other remedies, may suspend or terminate your account if we suspect that you (by conviction, settlement, insurance, or escrow investigation, or otherwise) have engaged in fraudulent activity in connection with the use of the Services.

Contract conditions

Terms of Service is the website legal entity which is responsible for providing services to people, referred to as "Contractor ". Customers register on, hereinafter referred to as the "buyer", can be summarized in the following agreement:

General Principals:
  • 1. Contractor should provide the online stores and sellers that do the purchasing and selling service of the goods on China. And it also should provide the mediation service between buyers and sellers. According to the terms of this agreement, hereinafter refers to as the "Service".
  • 2. Buyers accept the terms of this agreement, please register on the website
  • 3. After contacting with the buyer and getting an agreement from them, contractors have the right to change the agreement. And this agreement is updating at regular intervals.
  • 4. Entrusted by the purchaser, we provide services for their needs, including commodity prices.
  • 5. By visiting, you agree that the laws of China, where our Contractors are based, without regard to principles of conflict of laws, will govern these Terms of Service and any dispute of any sort that might arise between Buyer and Contractor.
  • 1. In order to provide services to the buyers, need buyers to register on its website. Contractor will purchase goods according to the specified requirements by the buyers and be responsible for the accuracy of the information.
  • 2. Buyers choose the products they need by themselves and add them into the shopping cart and calculate with The shopping cart is not an order, in which the buyers can add or delete items before placing the orders.
  • 3. The website can not guarantee that the products chosen by the buyers will exit in the catalogue of forever. And the buyers may be informed that the products in their shopping cart are out of stock.
  • 4. The website can not guarantee the permanent existence of the goods in size, color and integrity, which may be out of stock.
  • 5. The buyers must pay for the delivery costs of the goods produced by its own weight (Product providers specify in the products description). If the goods suppliers do not specify the weight, buyers can use the standard which we have already prepared for you on our website. Or any other background material about the product weight. If the buyers paid the amount of the goods and the costs of the delivery, the goods will be delivered.
  • 6. Buyers need to specify the product information they ordered is in the context of the seller. In some cases, the contractor is not responsible for the parameters of the products, such as size, color and quality.
  • 7. Before you ordering goods online, the buyers should know very well about the provisions of the customs of its country. We remind you of that risk.
  • 8. The buyers are responsible for all the information from purchasing goods to arriving at their host country, including the address, telephone, consignee and the estimated products weight.
  • 9. The contractor should replace the buyer to pay the expenses to the seller of these goods. However, it is only limited to the procurement of goods ordering from the seller to the warehouse of the contractor in China and the responsibility to send the goods to the appointed address of the buyers.
  • 10. In the case of stock orders, the seller and the contractor have the right to cancel the specified goods of the buyers in their orders. And they will contact the buyers by sending an E-mail or through other ways.
  • 11. If the goods supplier does not deliver items at the required delivery time, or the delay of the order implementation is due to the buyer, the Contractor has the right to cancel orders for the specified goods from the buyer, and we will send an E-mail to the specified E-mail address of the buyer when registering
  • 12. If the order can not be shipped to the specified country or region of the goods buyer, the contractor can cancel the goods ordered by the buyer and send an Email to the buyer.
  • 13. When the products are shipped from the supplier to the warehouse of the contractor, but the goods is unclaimed in four months. The contractor has the right to deliver the products back to the suppliers.
  • 14. After receipt of the goods in the warehouse, the contractor should package the goods to the buyers'address according to their requirements in the order. If the buyer provided the wrong information in the order, the contractor is entitled to the compensation for the delivery and return shipping.
  • 1. The buyer should pay for orders of the personal account in time.
  • 2. If the actual price of the product is different from that in the order, contractor should inform the buyer as soon as possible to confirm or cancel the order.
  • 3. Contractor does not purchase for buyers in advance or on credit and do not pay for the shipping fee.
  • 4. In the process of delivery, we do not undertake the obligation if there is tax issue.
About the package and delivery
Delivery time includes two parts:
  • 1. The time to deal with your order ---- It will take approximately 2 to 5 working days to get the goods from suppliers to our warehouse.
  • 2. The time to deliver your parcel ---- It will take 7 to 20 working days to send the parcel from China to the destination.
If you make a reorder---- add and reduce the order, the time of the order processing will be changed, and the order date will be recounted.
For example, you place an order on 1st of April, the order processing time is 5 days (1st April+5 working days). If you add products on 3rd April, the order date will be counted as 3rd April; the order processing time is 8 days (3rd April +5 working days).
The reason is that we have to purchase again for your added order, not that we don’t deal with your order in time.
After your payment is successful, we will contact with the suppliers and they will send the goods to our warehouse.
We will check the quality of the merchandise carefully. If there is no problem, the merchandise will be shipped out immediately. We will send the tracking number to the buyers by which you can check the status of the parcel.
We guarantee the quality of the goods: The wrong color, wrong size or visible defect will be detected and handled immediately. We will send the goods back to the suppliers for an exchange or ask for a refund.
Please notice! Sometimes the color shade may be different. It is due to the chromatism when someone takes photos with different displayer. We are not responsible for situations like this.
The obligations of the contractor
  • 1. Contractor should offer buyers relevant service and meet any requirements of the buyers.
  • 2. Contractor should protect the buyer's information and can not reveal the information to the third party other than in the special circumstances.
  • 3. Contractor must fulfill the duties and obligations which are listed in the agreement.
Buyer's responsibilities
  • 1. Buyer should offer contractor the correct information quickly. If the contractor has doubt about the information and its correctness, he has the right to stop offering service.
  • 2. Buyer should pay for the items at the right price in time, including shipping fee, taxes, web service fee and the contractor's service charge. If the buyer does not pay enough for the item, contractor has the right to suspend or stop the service.
  • 3. The buyer must guarantee the correctness of personal information and prove that he has paid to the contractor.
  • 4. The products ordered should not be used for commercial purpose by the buyers
Terms about return and exchange
  • 1. Under the situation of return, the shipping fee should be paid to the sellers through the contractor.
  • 2. If it is just buyer's personal decision to return or exchange items, it depends on supplier's decision to accept the situation or not.
  • 3. If the buyer and seller do not want to accept the return or exchange, contractor does not make compensation for the extra service charge.
  • 4. After the product has been returned to the supplier, the cost of the order will be refunded to the buyer's account.
  • 5. The service charge can not be refunded no matter the supplier accepts the return or not.
  • 6. If the item is reshipped because of the exchange, buyers should pay for all the shipping fees according to the freight list on our website.
Force majeure
Force majeure means any unforeseeable or unavoidable events or beyond the parties'control in the General Principles of the Civil Law.
It mainly includes follow conditions:
  • a. Natural disasters, such as typhoon, flood and hail.
  • b. Acts of government, such as requisition and expropriation.
  • c. Social unusual events, such as strike and riots.
Dispute resolution
  • 1. When both sides have divergence of views or there is dispute over the terms of this agreement, they should solve the issue by negotiation.
  • 2. If the issue can not be solved by negotiation, it should be resolved in the light of laws.

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This terms and conditions are follows the Spain laws
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