How to select size and color

What kind of products data you could find?

  • Product name: It is automatically translated from product description from Taobao.
  • Price: RMB would convert to USD
  • The price of product
  • The photography of commodity
  • Commodity specifications, such as: new or second hand.
  • Commodity suppliers

Such links are from the original catalogue on If you want to see the connection link of this product, please click on them directly on the site. Additionally, you can view the complete description of products from suppliers,including material, pictures, labels, weight and size. Please note that these descriptions of Chinese commodity is carried out automatically through translation system. Because of the large number of daily updating products, there is no way to complete them manually. And you can also view the performance of the commodity and the evaluation, through which you could also see all the products from the supplier.

About the choice of the seller (goods provider)?

You should know that there are some uncertain factors on Taobao, because the number of displaying goods are too many. Integrity of the supplier is also a factor to be considered. When you choose your favorite products, please note some parameters of the supplier, which would help you buy products much more suitable and satisfied.

These parameters include:

  • High reputation of the seller.
  • Positive feedback from customers.
  • The level of the seller....

About the color of the products

For the product color choice: Just select your desired product color on the drop-down list. From the color drop-down list, select the color you want. If you need to select a variety of colors, simply by adding the different color products to your shopping cart. Please note, sometimes the price of the product would be varied according to the color you choose.

The choice of the size

The choice of the product size is different in different areas because of the different size specification on label. Please remember, China and Europe have unitied size for some clothes and shoes. In order to choose size correctly, we would check information provided by suppliers in advance to give you a precise size table. (see photo) Typically, the seller would explain the shoulder breadth, volume, height, weight and arm length of the clothes as well as the length of the footwear in order to show the product details and the product size more precisely.You just need to make a necessary measurement, and find the size you want according to the size table. Please remember that the size of the margin error should be 2-3cm.

  • The first list indicates the size of the goods.
  • The second list indicates the size of chest measurement
  • The third list indicates the length of the product.
  • The fourth list indicates the chest perimeter
  • The fifth list indicates the net weight of the products
Unfortunately, information the seller provided only has pictures and the system can not automatically be translated. To make it easier for you to choose in this case, you can use our directory.

Get more infomation: Table indicative of size of goods

Attention! The informaton is for your reference only. Please choose the size of the product according to the information of the products which is offered by the supplier. is not reponsible for the size information of the product. If you have doubt about the option of size, you can point out your question to the manager.

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