Mother's Day birthday gift to mother practical to father elderly older 5060-year-old father's surprise

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(1% choice) standard model (50cm massage width plus body positioning massage) (2% selection) plus upgraded version) Hot pressing process, full body massage, 5 gear strength (5% choice) luxury version) waist infrared hot application, hot pressure process, positioning massage, 7 massage head (3% choice) ) Flagship ) 16 massage head , waist hot application , hot pressure process , buckwheat sleep pillow (8% choice) jade flagship version) 16 massage head , waist hot application , hot pressure process , jade massage (5% choice) extreme version ) neck hot kneading . . Waist hot application vibration s 27 large massage head (8% choice) jade extreme version ) neck hot apply and waist hot apply vibration s 27 large massage head (18% choice) wireless remote control version ) airbags , neck waist hot apply , 30 massage head , jade massage (10%)Select) Wireless Plus) Airbags, Neck Waist Heat Dressing, 30 Massage Heads, Jade Massage (40% Choice) (Full Edition) Electric airbags, six-key think-tank, Ai grass hot-dressing, positive and negative kneading Embroidery embroidery gift (full match - custom version) Parents you have worked hard Advantage one
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Spring Festival Mother's Day Father's Day
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Lead the elders
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Other Gifts Combined Gifts Health Care Gifts
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