Wu Chuntang
Dehua County
Number of people available:
10 or more people
Number of pieces:
35 pieces
Popular elements:
Retro wind
Space for use:
Living room
Color classification:
1- Ssshuanglong play bead purple sand tea set 2 - Sshuanglong play beads to run 3 - Sshuanglong play bead Tang poetry tea set 4 - Sshuanglong play beads tang kiln tea set 5 - Sshuanglong play beads jade porcelain tea set 6 - Milford purple sand tea set 7 - Milford Tang poetry tea set 9 - Milford kiln tea set 10 - Milford jade tea set 11 - money貔貅 Make money 貔貅 to run 13 - make money貔貅 ice crack tea set 14 - make money貔貅 Yu kiln tea set 15 - make money貔貅 jade porcelain tea set 16 - line cloud flow water purple sand tea set 17 - line cloud flow water to run 18 - line cloud water ice crack tea set 19 - line cloud flow water tea set 20 - line cloud water jade tea set 21 fu Star high light purple sand tea set 22 - Fuxing high light when running 23 - Fuxing high light Tang poetry tea set 24 - Fuxing high light kiln tea set
The price range:
300 yuan - 499 yuan
The no:
The source of the main diagram:
Self-driving real-life pictures
The applicable scenario:
Daily gift-giving
Tea plate material:
Tea cutlery craft:
color glaze
Whether it's manual or not:
Choose region:
Choose shipping method:
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