Lazy semi-automatic stone grinding ceramic tea set teapot teacup household modern Chinese living room retro simplicity

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Xin floating dragon
The material:
Chinese style
place of origin:
Dehua county
The number of suitable:
6 people
Other gongfu tea utensils
Popular element:
The wind restoring ancient ways
Color classification:
1 ancient automatic tea set 6 cup 2 ancient tea + 8 cup three ancient tea cup four ancient automatic 8 cups of tea caddy + 6 gentleman 5 ancient cup tea set 8 + caddy + 6 gentleman 6 violet arenaceous stone mill automatic tea cup 7 purple dragon automatic tea set 6 8 purple sand cup wanfu automatic tea cups 9 ancient cup tea set 6-10 ancient white static word cup tea set 6 - black
The article number:
The main source of figure:
Independent actual photos
Tea set type:
A complete kung fu tea set
With tea tray material:
Whether the manual:
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