Dehua County
Number of people available:
7 to 9
Number of pieces:
34 pieces
Popular elements:
Retro wind
Space for use:
Living room.
Color classification:
01 Wood-burning dragon, purple sand tea set 02 wood-burning dragon, brother kiln cold plum 03 sandalwood shedding, purple sandalwood tea set 04 sandalwood shedd, go kiln cold plum 05 black orchid flowing water, purple sand tea set 06 black orchid flowing water, Tangshi tea set 07 black orchid flowing water, go kiln Xishi 08 Black orchid flow water , blue automatic 09 oojin flow water , purple sand tea set 10 ugin flow water , Tang poetry tea set 11 ugin flow water , go kiln Xishi 12 ugin flow water , blue automatic 13 Buddha flow , purple sand tea set 14 Buddha flow , dragon pot purple sand 15 Buddha flow . . Go kiln Xishi 16 Buddha fragrance , blue automatic 17 Tibetan Zen tea , purple sand tea set 18 Tibetan Zen tea , dragon pot purple sand 19 Tibetan Zen tea , gokil Xishi 20 Tibetan Zen tea , shoal blue automatic 21 embossed Sshuanglong , go kiln hanmei 22 embossed Ssanlong , yulan automatic 23 atomized dragon , go kiln hanmei 24 foggy dragon and blue automatic
The price range:
200 yuan - 299 yuan
The source of the main diagram:
Self-driving real-life pictures
The applicable scenario:
Daily gift-giving
Tea plate material:
Tea cutlery craft:
color glaze
Whether it's manual or not:
Choose region:
Choose shipping method:
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