Fully automatic all-in-one tea set teacourse office guests home living room set of tea table tea ceremony tea plate set

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Dehua County
Number of people available:
10 or more people
Number of pieces:
28 pieces
Space for use:
Living room.
Color classification:
Upgrade purple sand, elegant fragrance original mine purple sand, elegant fragrance green flower white porcelain, long square flat step clear wind peacock green ice crack, elegant fragrance all black purple sand, black cup holder raw mine black purple sand, horse to successful peacock green ice crack, horse to successful raw mine purple sand, eight-square poly-rich glass screw cap tea set. Octogenerous Poly-Caiyuan Mine Purple Sands , Brown Buddha Panyuan Mine Black Purple Sands , Moon Porcelain Stone Plate Kiln Open pieces can be raised , Moon Porcelain Stone Plate All Black Purple Sands , Xiangyun Tea Plate Glass Tea Set , Wanfu Porcelain Stone Plate Original Mine Purple Sands , Wanfu Porcelain Stone Plate Original Mine Purple Sands , Five Lakes Four Seas Tea Plate Purple Sand Lazy People The lotus pond moon color dragon phoenix ice cracking貔貅 the original mine all black purple sand and money貔貅 the purple sand raw mine and panlong tea plate glass spiral cover bowl tea set and money貔貅 lazy wooden feet, golden peony dragon phoenix ice cracking, fish leaping dragon door oojin stone ancient lazy man and fish leaping dragon door goldstone
The price range:
500 yuan - 999 yuan
The source of the main diagram:
Self-driving real-life pictures
Tea plate material:
Tea cutlery craft:
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