Electric drill wall drill drill bit impact drill air conditioning perforated through the wall hollow concrete pipe dry hit set

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Light purple 30mm (4 p.m. square handle) dark purple 35mm (6-in-one) square handle purple-red 40mm (1 inch tube) square handle green 50mm (1 inch tube) square handle violet 60mm (1.5p air conditioning) side purple 30mm (4 p) round handle Coffee 35mm (6-in-one) round handle color 40mm (1 inch tube) round handle ink green 50mm (1 inch tube) round handle light brown 60mm (1.5p air conditioning) round silver square handle 350mm connection swastotic cloth square handle 110mm Connection of milky white square handle 200mm connection to light gray square handle 430mm connection 510mm shank 510mm connection black round handle 110mm connection dark gray round handle 200mm connection pink round handle 350mm connection to rose red round handle 43 0mm connection to m white round handle 530mm connection orange red hexagon 350mm connection wall open positioning drill (5 units) drill (no connection) 30mm drill (no connection) 35mm drill (no connection) 35mm drill (no connection) 40mm Driller (no receiver) 45mm drill (no receiver) 50mm drill (no receiver) 55mm drill (no connection) 60mm drill (no connection) 65mm drill (no connection) 70mm drill (no receiver) 75mm Driller (no connection) 80mm drill (no connection) 85mm drill (no connection) 90mm drill (no connection) 95mm drill (no connection) 100mm drill (no connection) 105mm Drilling machine no connection 110mm86 wire box dedicated
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