Kangjia LCD TV remote control universal universal original Bluetooth voice type KKy378 KK-Y378A KK-Y354 Y345 Y345C Y250 KW-Y001 Y003S

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TV remote control
Chinese mainland.
Color classification:
1 Kangjia TV General Model 2 KK-Y345 3 KK-Y345A 4 KK-Y345C 5 KK-Y354 6 KK-Y365 7 KK-Y345 KK-Y345A KK-Y345C KK-KK Y354 Y354A Y365 8 KK-Y3135 KK-Y3135 KK-Y313C 9 KK-Y313A KK-313B KK-313C KK-313H KK-313J KK-313S KK-Y313T General 10 KK-Y335 KK-Y336 LED42IS97N 46I597N 321597N 11KK-Y378 KK-Y378A KK-Y377 8C U43 U49 K32 K40 K42 12 KK-Y378A LED43 LED39 LED55 K35A 13KW-Y003S KW-Y003 KW-Y005 Y007 A48F A48U K43 K55 U50 Q55S U55 U60 U60J 14 KW-Y006 KW-Y006-1 A55U K32 K499J K32J M4955U T4355U LED42R90A 58S1 4855UC2 15 KW-Y367 KW-Y366 KW-Y001C 16 KW-Y001 KW-YOOI LED32F3600CE LED26F2200 17 KW-Y001K KW-YOO1K LED42F1100C K32C K40 18 KK-Y239A Y232 Y237 KK-Y238 KK-Y262A 19 KK-Y271A KK-Y271C KK-KK-KK-KK-KK Y271D KK-KK-Y261 KK-KK-Y252I KK-KK-Y252H KK-Y252J KK-Y261H KK-Y261 KK-Y248 KK-Y261H KK-Y262A 21 KK-Y294N LC32AS28 LC26AS12 LC37SA12 KK-Y294P KK-Y294NY294W Y294V 22KK-Y274Y KK-27 4E LC46BT20 LC40.42BT2 23 KK-Y294Y Y294N Y294W Y294M Y294V KK-Y294P 24KK-Y315F KK-Y315 LC32ES62 LC32ES66 DS30 25 RL76D-3 RL81C T2465WM 26 Voice KW-YF306 KW-YF302 LED43S8000U 49S8000 U 55S8000U LED40 43 49T60U (2) 27 Voice KW-YF305 305C YF307 LED43 49 55 65 R1 M1 LED43R1 LED49R1 LED55 65R1 28 Voice KW-YF306 KW-YF302 LED43S8000U 49S8000U 55S8000U LED40 43 49T60U (43 49T60U ) 1) Voice KW-YF308 KW-YF309 LED55A1 LED65A1 30 Voice KW-YF309 KW-YF308 LED55A1 LED65A1
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