Get together,
The material:
place of origin:
Dehua county
Popular element:
Pure color
Color classification:
All black purple tureen all purple violet arenaceous tureen scarlet in white purple tureen within the black white purple tureen Chinese white white porcelain silver tureen chaking white porcelain tureen tang white porcelain tureen landscape white porcelain tureen blue and white porcelain tureen jinlong white porcelain chaking white porcelain tureen tureen gold lotus rhyme white porcelain tureen pattern (random) all black purple sand tea set a complete set of all the purple purple sand tea set Dutch charm of a complete set of white porcelain tea set a complete set of gold chaking white porcelain tea set a complete set of jinlong
The main source of figure:
Independent actual photos
Tea tableware technology:
Blue and white
Whether the manual:
Choose region:
Choose shipping method:
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