From 2021-02-06 to 2021-02-24 is the Chinese new year holiday, the international shipping company will stop working during that time.
As it takes 2-5 days from supplier to our warehouse. The orders after 2021-01-29 will be sent out on 2021-02-24
Ming and Qing classical
Chinese mainland
Zhejiang Province
the city:
Jinhua city
Color classification:
Style one Chinese sea otter style two sea otter waist plate carving style five sea otter flower type six steps high-rise style seven waist board step high style nine Fukuo step high style ten lotus fish step high style eleven lotus fish step high style twelve simple Chinese lotus style ten Three simple Chinese haitang flower type 14 horizontal vertical glycerg type style seventeen simple vertical bar grid new Chinese style 19 new Chinese style twenty new Chinese style twenty-two new Chinese style twenty-four new Chinese style twenty-five new Chinese style twenty-nine style thirty-eight Chinese block-shaped style 41 waist plate bird language flower fragrance style forty-seven swimming fish water 200 is the display price specific price consultation customer service custom remake
Carving process:
Wood carving type:
Dongyang wood carving
Choose region:
Choose shipping method:
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