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BMW 5 Series 3 Series 7 Series 530li 525li 320li 740li x1 x3 x5 fully enclosed car footrests

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The surface material:
Polyurethane spandex PU
Color classification:
Stripes (imitation cashmere) moka-colored stripes (imitation cashmere) business black stripes (imitation cashmere) charm black stripes (imitation cashmere) volcanic red stripes (imitation cashmere) warm rice stripes (imitation cashmere) coral red stripes (imitation cashmere) cognac stripes (imitation cashmere) elegant red stripes (imitation cashmere) Cashmere) passion red stripes (imitation cashmere and tiled tail box mat) (contact customer service note color) stripes (contact cashmere plus full surround tail box mat) (contact customer service note color) stripe (high marble) moka stripe (high marble) business black stripe (high bullet) Black Curry Stripes (High Bullet) Glamour Black Stripes (High Bounces and Tiled Tail Box Pads) (Contact Customer Service Notes Color) Stripes (High Bounces and Full SurroundEd Tail Box Pads) (Contact Customer Service Notes Color) Stripes (PVC Silk) Moka Stripes (P P VC silk) business black stripe (PVC silk) elegant gray stripe (PVC silk) charm black stripe (PVC silk and tiled tail box mat) (contact customer service note color) stripe (PVC silk and full surround tail box pad) (contact customer service note color)
The combined form:
Five dedicated
Ingredient content:
91% (inclusive) - 100% (excluding)
Fully surrounded
Car brand:
BMW Mercedes-Benz Audi
The car system:
6 Series 6 Series (Import) X2 (Import) 2 Series i8 (Import) 7 Series 7 Series 7 Series (Import) 3 Series 3 Series 3 Series (Import) 5 Series M Series (Import) X5 (Import) 1 Series Z8 (Import) X1 X7 (Import) 3 Series X1 (Import) X2 X6 (Import) Z4 (Import) 5 Series 5 Series 5 Series (Import) Z3 (Import) 1 Series 1 Series (Import) 2 Series 2 Series (Import) 8 Series 8 Series 8 Series (Import) 4 Series 4 Series (Import) i3 (Import) X4 (Import) X3 X3 (Import),SL-Class AMG (Import) GLC-Class GLC (Import) GLA-Class AMG GLA Class AMG (Import) LING SLK AMG (In import) SLR-Class SLR Class (Import) CL-Class CL Class (Import) Wyatt GLE Class (Import) SLK-Class SLK Class (Import) GLA CLASS CLS-CLASS AMG CLASS AMG Imports) R-Class AMG Class AMG (Import) CLK-Class AMG CLK Class AMG (Import) CLK-Class CLK Class (Import) CLS AMG (Import) E-Class AMG Class AMG (Import) Class A-Class AMG Class A-Class (Import) C-Class Class C (Import) GL AMG Class CMG Class AMG (Import) Class A AMG GLC Class AMG (Import) GLK-Class GLK Class (Import) G-Class G Class (Import) E-Class E Class (Import) M-Class M Class AMG (Import) B-Class Class B Class B (Import) Class A-Class S-Class (Import) SLS AMG (Import) Sprinter Sprinter Class (Import) SL-Class CLASS Class (Import) CLS-CLASS Class (Import) (Import) GLS-Class GLS Class (Infringing) Class E GLA-Class GLA Class (Import) S-Class AMG Class AMG (Import) AMG GT (Import) R-Class R Class (Infringing) Viano (Import) Imports) CLA-Class CLA Class (Import) Vijano Vito Vito Vijay (Import) GLE AMG (Import) Unimog Unimock (Import) G-Class AMG Class AMG (Import) CLA AMG (In) A-Class AMG Class AMG (Import) Class C GLC Class M-class M Class (In) GLK Class V Class GL-Class Class (In import) V-Class Class V-Class (Import),RS5 (Import) A1 (Import) A3 A2 (Import) A5 (Import) Q3 A6 (Import) 80 (Import) A4 (Import) Q5 Q5 (Import) Q7 (Import) A4L Q3 (Import) A3 (Import) Q7 New Energy (Import) R 8 (Import) TT (Import) 200 100 (Import) 100 RS7 (Import) A6L e-tron S3 (Import) A6L Q2L A8L (Import) A4 A6 RS4 (Import) Q5L A7 (Import) A8 (Import)
Foot pad type:
Silk ring foot pads
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