The surface material.:
Polyurethane spandex PU.
Color classification.:
2 plus 3 first two rows of standard (note color) 7 seats luxury - black and red 2 plus 3 front two rows luxury (note color) 7 seats luxury - black and blue 2 plus 3 front two rows of cartoons (note color) 7 luxury - all black plus two standard 7 (Note Color) 7 Luxury - Black and Red Line Is Two Luxury (Note Color) 7 Luxury - Black and Blue Line 2 Cartoons (Note Color) 7 Cartoons - Black and Red 7 Standard - Black and Red 7 Cartoons - Black and Blue 7 Seats. Standard - black and blue 7-seat cartoon - all-black 7-seat standard - all-black 7-seat cartoon - black and red line 7 standard - black and red line 7-seat cartoon - black and blue line 7-seat standard - black and blue line.
The main surface material content.:
51% (inclusive) - 60% (inclusive)
Seasons apply.:
Four seasons.
Car brand.:
Oshan Geely dongfeng scenery Baojun magic speed BYD Weiwang Changan SWM SWM Light Gang Wuling wind kaichen than speed Chang'an commercial Lifan Buick Dongfeng Xiaokang Kairui.
The car system.:
cosmos Oshan Oshan EV Essan A600 Cosai 5 Eushan A800CX70COS5 degrees COS3 degrees Cosmos Oshan A600 EV Cosai 3 Eushan X70ACOS1 degrees Oshan.,Jiayi Jiayi New Energy.,Scenery S560 scenery 330 scenery 350 scenery 580 new energy SX6 scenery 580Pro scenery S370 scenery 330S scenery iX5 scenery 580 scenery 370 scenery 360 scenery.,360730。,S6S2H3H5S3S7H3FS5H2H6.,Song MAX New Energy Song MAX.,007T205-DM20M30M60306M35307S50205M50f.,Ling Xuan.,X7X3.,Galue Convertible (Import),Wuling light small car Hongguang s3 journey Hong Tu rongguang V Hongguang prosperity small card rongguang new kayangguang PN series truck Liuzhou Wuling rongguang Wuling light light small cyclone.,T5T5L Ling Zhijing Yi X6SX6F600M6S500.,M50V.,T5.,God F30 Auschwitz ES30CM8 Snow Tiger Taurus Star Green New Star Ono Meng Chang'an Star 3 Reed S50 Reed M80 God Line Oshan X70A Reed Auschwitz A600 Ouleyway EV Changan Star 9 Ouley Vista F50 Star Rhyme Oshan A600. EV Re-Line S50T Chang'an Star City Chang'an Star 7CX70 Reed EM80 Eushan A800 Nio II. Sports Star Oshan Chang'an Star S460 Eushan EV Chang'an Star 2 Re-Line M90 Reed M70 Express StarLight Line M60 Easy New Energy Chang'an Star Card.,Mayweather Road.,GL6GL8.,Scenery 370K series scenery 330 scenery 360 scenery S560 scenery 330S scenery 580 scenery 350 scenery V series scenery S370C series scenery 580 new energy.,K60EVk50EVK50K60.
Number of seats.:
Whether to replace the original car cover.:
Choose region:
Choose shipping method:
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