Zen green plant office study table top decoration plant living room small potted air purification flower decoration

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Rich gentleman
Purification of air aesthetic interest
Apply to space:
Balcony desk windowsill tea table study living room
Color classification:
Prosperous wealth season potted (dwarf) leaves and bonanza pot (dwarf) leaves and flat stone basin (dwarf) leaves and stone mill basin (dwarf) leaves LanTao colour tank (dense Ye Wenzhu) black boxes (dwarf) leaves and short ceramic POTS (dwarf) leaves and the plum blossom in basin (dwarf) leaves and green small build (bonsai) country (bonsai) Lin forest cabin (bonsai) li bai toast (bonsai) purple long boat (bonsai
The article number:
Watch the green plant
Flower POTS included:
With good pot
Plant category:
Foliage plants
Flowering season:
There is no
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