The surface material.:
PVC Chloride PVC.
Color classification.:
Six seven-seat standard black-and-white six-seat luxury black-and-white (ordinary head pillow) six seven-seater cartoon black-and-white (cartoon head pillow) six seven-seater black-red six-seat luxury black-red (ordinary head pillow) six seven-seater black-and-blue six-seat luxury black-and-blue (ordinary head pillow) Head pillow) six seven-seat cartoon black-blue (cartoon head pillow) six seven-seat standard pure black six seven-seat luxury pure black (ordinary head pillow) six seven-seat cartoon pure black (cartoon head pillow) 4 5 standard shot note model color 4 5 luxury shot note model color 4. 5 cartoon shot note model color 2 single-seater ready note model color 2 single-seat luxury note model color 2 single-seat cartoon note model color.
The main surface material content.:
81% (inclusive) - 90% (inclusive)
Seasons apply.:
Four seasons.
Car brand.:
Dongfeng Yangzi Nazhijie Jiangnan Oshan Wild Horse Fodi Baojun Futian Gold Cup Modern Weiwang Jianghuai Style Squire Chery Dodge Qichen Lifan Changan Commercial Honda Buick Peugeot Ford Dongfeng Well-off.
The car system.:
Royal Wind Junfeng Mammoth Little Prince Feng Shen Mercury Dongfeng Coupe Junfeng ER30 Junfeng E17 Wind S16.,Flying Bell Changfeng SUV Golden Kirin Flying Flying Pickup.,Large 7 MPV.,Scenery.,Oshan EV Eushan A600 Euan A800 CX70 Euan X70A Oshan.,T70.,Little Superman, Seeker, Lion.,610 730。,Montpaik Gato gt Landscape Gatoim8 Gatoim6 Gatu.,S70 Sea Lions S35 T50 Little Sea Lion Gold Cup 750 T30.,Tusheng.,M20 M30 M60 306 M35 307 205 M50f.,Ruifeng M6 Ruifeng s7 Ruifeng M5 Ruifeng R3 Ruifeng M3.,Lingzhi Jingyi X6 Lynx SX6 Ling Yue CM7 Jingyi S50 F600 S500.,D50.,Erezer M7.,Journey Coolway (Import),R50X R30 M50V T70 R50 D50.,Mayweather Henlan.,Shenyu F30 CM8 Snow Tiger Taurus Star Green New Star Ono Omani Oya Reed S50 Chang'an Star 3 God Oshan X70A Reed Oshan A600 Ouleywe EV Chang'an Star 9 Ouliwei Shenyu F50 Star Line S50T Chang'an Star Urban Rainbow Chang'an Star 7 CX70 Re-Line EM80 Eushan A800 Sports Star Oshan Chang'an Star S460 Eushan EV Chang'an Star 2 Re-Line M90 Regency M70 Express Starlight Chang'an Star Card.,Coronal Odyssey UR-V.,GL8.,307。,Sharp boundaries.,K-Series Scenery S560 Scenic V Series Scenic S370 C Series.
Material composition.:
Number of seats.:
Whether to replace the original car cover.:
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