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Stainless steel.
Chinese mainland.
Color classification:
Y057 (buy 2 send 1) Y061 (buy 2 send 1) Y062 (buy 2 send 1) A 22cm double-hole A 22cm double hole and stainless steel oil cup B 25cm three screw holes B 25cm plus plastic oil cup D 27cm three Screw hole D 27cm plus plastic three-claw oil cup oil mesh three-piece set single external net single intranet x 2 pieces Y002 (buy 2 send 1) Y010 (buy 2 send 1) Y011 (buy 2 send 1) Y012 (buy 2 send 1) ( ( Fangtai dedicated other brands are not available) Y013 (buy 2 send 1) Y014 (buy 2 send 1) Y068 (buy 2 send 1) Y029 (buy 2 send 1) Y059 (buy 2 send 1) Y046 (buy 2 send 1)
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Other other
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