Kung Fu tea set tea plate solid wood home fully automatic living room simple office ceramic teapot Tai Daohai

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Art is a product
Dehua County
Number of people available:
7 to 9
Number of pieces:
32 pieces
Popular elements:
Solid color
Space for use:
Living room.
Color classification:
1 horse pan original mine purple sand - semi-automatic 2 horse plate ancient Rhyme Tang poetry - semi-automatic 3 horse plate - tile - graphite automatic - Semi-automatic 4 one eight-horse embossed ice crack 5 xiang Rui Baifuyuan mine purple sand 6 Xiangrui Baifu year there are fish 7 solid wood Xiangyun original mine purple sand 8 solid wood Xiangyun dragon pattern stone mill 90,000 Fu tea pan original mine purple sand 100,000 Fu tea plate sand gold automatic 11 ancient Rhyme Dragon Zhu mud purple sand 12 ancient rhyme dragon blue glazed sand gold 13 ancient rhyme dragon ancient rhyme dragon ancient rhyme automatic 14 flat cloud cloud 5 Zen cloth bag Buddha original mine purple sand 16 Zen cloth bag Buddha ancient rhyme Tang poetry 17 Zen cloth bag Buddha black pottery Fangding 18 Fluor貔貅貔貅 Change.
The price range:
300 yuan - 499 yuan
The source of the main diagram:
Self-driving real-life pictures
The applicable scenario:
Daily gift-giving
Tea plate material:
Tea cutlery craft:
color glaze
Whether it's manual or not:
Choose region:
Choose shipping method:
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