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9 years old 8 years old 7 years old 6 years old 5 years old 4 years old 3 years old 2 years old 14 years old 13 years old 12 years old 11 years old 10 years old
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Models will:
No models were photographed
Whether to wear a hat:
There is no
Color classification:
V23- Quick Dry Vest Satin Blue,
The article number:
The reference height:
Tag code 120 reference height 120cm-E59 tag code 130 reference height 130cm-R70 tag code 140 reference height 140cm-R58 tag code 150 reference height 150cm-D16 tag code 160 reference height 160cm-S44 tag code 110 reference height 110cm-G42
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In the summer
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