Farrian Farian
The surface material:
Polyurethane spandex PU
Solid color
Color classification:
Coffee-colored mats, coffee-colored blankets, bright orange mats, bright orange blankets, black foot pads, coffee-colored blankets, Cayenne yellow mats, Cayenne yellow mats, coffee-colored blankets, black mats, red mats, red blankets, red mats, red hair. Blanket Ivory white mats and coffee-colored blankets BMW rice mats and coffee-colored blankets Bordeaux red and Bordeaux red carpets (supports plush free matching) (light luxury quality outstanding such as tips do not match, contact customer service, thank you for cooperation) red foot pads and black silk ring coffee-colored foot pads Coffee-colored silk ring black foot pads and black silk rings (supports free matching of silk rings) wine red foot pads and wine-red silk rings BMW rice foot pads and coffee-colored silk rings (full leather, note color, thank you for your cooperation)
The combined form:
Five dedicated
Ingredient content:
91% (inclusive) - 100% (excluding)
Fully surrounded
Car brand:
The car system:
IS (Import) LX (Import) LS (Import) ES (Import) RX (Import) NX (Import) NX Hybrid (Import) GS (Import) LC (Import) CT (Import) GX (Import)
Foot pad type:
Leather foot pads
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