Modern Chinese
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Chinese four godbeasts (pure copper) Kangxi Fu word (pure copper) Dapeng wings (pure copper) Kirin Town House (pure copper) horse to success (pure copper) tai chi gossip (pure copper) tai chi gossip (copper alloy) Ping AnGuanyin (copper alloy) Pure copper) rich and precious auspicious dragon (pure copper) big belly Miller (pure copper) auspicious peacock (pure copper) year after year more than (pure copper) Caicai (pure copper) BaixiangFengHou (pure copper) Jin Yuwang Cai (pure copper) Copper) sucks the treasure elephant (pure copper) poly-rich dragon turtle (pure copper) jin chicken Nafu (pure copper) star moon myth (pure copper) Caicai cat (pure copper) dolphin lover (pure copper) year after year (copper alloy) three sheep Kaitai (pure copper) plain sailing pure copper
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