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As it takes 2-5 days from supplier to our warehouse. The orders after 2021-01-29 will be sent out on 2021-02-24
Blue chiffon
The surface material:
Polyurethane spandex PU
Color classification:
Front row single-seat deluxe X2 (default rice curry) five-seat deluxe version (rice curry) five-seat deluxe version (mystery black) five-seat deluxe version (warm rice) seven-seat standard version (rice curry) seven-seat standard version (premium curry) seven-seat standard version (Mystery Black) Seven Standard Edition (Sweet Rice) Seven Deluxe Edition (Mimi Curry) Seven Deluxe Edition (Mystery Black) Seven Deluxe Edition (Sweet Rice) Linen Seven Standard Edition (Coffee) Linen Seven Standard Edition (Black Red) Linen seven standard version (grey curry) linen seven standard version (black gray) linen seven-seat luxury version (coffee color) linen seven-seat luxury version (black red) linen seven-seat luxury version (grey curry) linen seven-seat luxury version (black gray) linen seven-seat luxury version (black gray)
The main surface material content:
71% (inclusive) - 80% (inclusive)
Seasons apply:
Four seasons
Car brand:
Bao Jun Chuan Fan Speed Haver Gold Cup BYD Changhe Weiwang Chang'an Wuling Fengxing Kaichen Chang'an Commercial Honda Buick Mazda Nissan Dongfeng Xiaokang Public Tai
The car system:
360 610 310 730 Lech 630 510 560 530 330 E100,GS4 GA3 GA4 GS3 ge3 gs8 pass,S6 S2 H3 S3 S7 H3F S5 H2 H6,H5 H3 H2 H6,S70 T52 Smart S30 Smart S35 T50 S50 F50 Gold Festival t32 Gold Cup 750 T30,Song Sree Song MAX Don Lyle,A6 Q7 Q35 Changhe Bread M70 Q25,007 T205-D M20 M30 M60 306 M35 307 S50 205 M50f,Ling Xuan,Hongguang s3 journey Hong Tu Rongguang V Hongguang prosperity PN series truck Yangguang Liuzhou Wuling Rongguang Wuling light small cyclone,Jingyi TT Jingyi X6 Windy Lingtong Jingyi XL SX6 Ling Yue CM7 Jingyi S50 Jingyi LV Jingyi SUV F600 Jingyi Jingyi X5 S500 Jingyi XV Jingyi X3,T90 R30 R50 morning wind,CM8 Snow Tiger Taurus Star Ono Oya Reed S50 S50 God Oshan X70A Reed Auschwitz A600 Ouliwe Chang'an Star CX70 Auschwitz A800 Auschwitz V5 Regency M90 Regency M70 Starlight Chang'an Star Card,Odyssey,GL6 GL8,Mazda 8,NV200,K-Series Scenery S560 Scenic V Series Scenic S370 C Series,T600 T800 T700
Material composition:
Number of seats:
Whether to replace the original car cover:
Choose region:
Choose shipping method:
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