TSLA MODEL 3 X S car film full car film heat insulation film sun window glass film

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Color classification:
Tesla diaphragm special panoramic day 5 series full CheMo (high heat insulation explosion protection skin care) 7 full CheMo (high insulation explosion-proof skincare ceramic) 9 full CheMo (full ceramic insulation explosion-proof uv 99%) (compound double technology) high insulation Plus series 7 series ice blue block 9 is light green before the block 7 single lientang 9 series single lientang
Heat insulation rate:
More than 80%
Light transmittance:
80% or more
UV protection:
More than 90%
Suitable for car:
Cars used
Suit type:
Full car suit front and side rear gear
Hot spots of choose and buy:
Safety explosion-proof
Warranty period:
10 years and above
Front shield insulation material:
Heat insulation coating
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