Love alone
Female external condensation
China (mainland)
No flavor
Color Categories:
Female Orgasm liquid (gold burning Love) (try to pay again) (Send fun gift bag) couple orgasm Package (male Indian oil + orgasm liquid) (send fun gift bag temptation flirting package (pheromones flirting perfume + female Orgasm solution) (Send Fun gift pack) refreshing tongue love package (double licking eggs + female orgasm liquid) charm confidence Package ( Sexy lingerie + female orgasm liquid) (Send fun gift pack) A variety of orgasm package (vibration AV stick + female Orgasm liquid) (send Fun gift bag) rapper Stimulus package (vibrating wolf tooth sleeve + female orgasm liquid) (Send fun gift pack) Firming Teen package (health silicone shrinkage ball + female orgasm) (send fun gift bag) Passion Orgasm Package (soft double shock rod + female Orgasm liquid) (Send fun gift pack) (Huge-volume trader) Second bottle half price (send fun gift pack)
Production Enterprises:
Jinhua Airun Sanitary Products Factory
2 years
Packaging specifications:
Main ingredients:
Purified water Menthol Hyaluronic Acid Glycerin
Product Name:
Female external condensation
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