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Icaroom Car House
I-603MS I-608MS
Surface material:
Synthetic fiber
Synthetic fiber types:
Color Categories:
Deep Space Black (waist) mesh milk tea apricot (waist by) mesh energy orange (waist) mesh heat red (waist) Mesh of Zhai lime (waist) Mesh deep empty black (waist rely on + headrest) mesh milk tea Apricot (waist + headrest) mesh energy Orange (waist + headrest) mesh heat red (waist + headrest) mesh amount of Zhai lime (waist +) headrest) Mesh milk tea apricot (waist by) Crystal flannel deep empty black (waist leaning) Crystal flannel Coffee (waist by) Crystal flannel Zhai lime (waist by) crystal flannel milk tea apricot (waist + headrest) Crystal flannel deep empty black (waist + headrest) Crystal flannel Coffee (waist + headrest) Crystal flannel Zhai Lime (waist + headrest) Crystal Flannel
Synthetic fiber
Synthetic fiber varieties:
Memory Cotton
Applicable seasons:
Four seasons
Pillow Pillow Type:
Car Waist-leaning
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