Xia Wei kung fu tea set home with a set of purple sand ceramic tea table tea sea solid wood tea tray tea ceremony fully automatic

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Xia Wei
Dehua County
Number of people available:
7 to 9
Number of pieces:
32 pieces
Popular elements:
Small fresh and fresh
Space for use:
Living room
Color classification:
01 year there is Yuyuan mine purple sand automatic 02 year there is more than glass automatic 03 year there is more than rich peony automatic 04 Huangxiang cloud glass automatic 05 purple black xiang cloud glass automatic 06 year yuqing porcelain automatic 07 year there is more than black gold dragon automatic 08 Huangxiangyun rich peony automatic 09 Huangxiang cloud qing porcelain automatic 10 Huangxiang cloud black Tang poetry automatic 11 purple black xiang cloud mountain water automatic 12 purple black xiang cloud ice cracking automatic 13 dragon phoenix auspicious glass automatic 14 dragon phoenix full automatic ice cracking 15 Longfeng Xiang rich peony automatic 16 dragon phoenix auspicious black gold dragon automatic 17 fire book roll glass automatic 18 fire book roll rich peony automatic 19 Sanlong Wujin stone glass automatic 2 0 Sanlong Wujinshi mountain water automatic 21 Sanlong Wujin stone black gold dragon automatic 22 auspicious peony original mine purple sand automatic 23 auspicious peony mountain water automatic 24 auspicious peony black gold dragon automatic
Gross weight:
The price range:
200 yuan - 299 yuan
The no:
There are more than one suit per year
The source of the main diagram:
Self-driving real-life pictures
The applicable scenario:
Daily gift-giving
Tea plate material:
The volume of the package:
Tea cutlery craft:
Whether it's manual or not:
Choose region:
Choose shipping method:
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