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Nordic style
Popular elements:
Powdery Girl's Heart
Color classification:
Warm white 2.5 meters (plug-in) high-quality version "high and low not one" 3.5 meters warm white plug-in 2.5 meters (plug-in) high-quality yellow 2.5 meters (plug-in) high-quality white mini-star 2.5 meters (plug-in) high purple 2.5 meters (plug-in) high-color blue 2.5 meters (plug-in) high-key white white Plug-in) High-edition white 3.5 m (plug-in) high-set blue 3.5 m (plug-in) high-parting yellow 3.5 m (plug-in) high-color 3.5m (plug-in) high-color color 3.5m (plug-in) high-key remote control-warm white battery dual USB 3.5m full copper remote control - color battery UBS dual 3.5m full copper plug-in remote control - warm white 3.5m full copper wire plug-in remote control - color 3.5m all-copper white Christmas package plug-in 3.5m all-copper wire fine battery model with USB-warm white 2.5m full-copper plug-in remote control - high and low - warm white 3.5m full color mini star 2.5 m "High and low" color plug-in 3.5 m
Gross weight:
Number of heads:
101 (inclusive) - 150 head (inclusive)
1m (inclusive)-5m (inclusive)
Packing volume:
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