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Yuji seed Industry
The circumference of a ball (a very important kind of ball feature):
Color classification:
A1 Flower Elf + Carbendazim A2 Snow Queen + Carbendazim A3 Flame Peacock + Carbendazim A4 Daisy + Carbendazim A5 eros + carbendazim A6 ghost + carbendazim A7 Lace carnation + Carbendazim A8 Spirit + Carbendazim A9 safflower Peacock + Carbendazim A10 faction Biot + Carbendazim A11 Clare Prince + Carbendazim A12 Cherry Nicole + Carbendazim A13 Zhu Top red + + Carbendazim A14 Ssangyong + Carbendazim A15 powder Tiffany + Carbendazim A16 Flower Peacock + Carbendazim A17 double surprise + many A18 dance Queen + Carbendazim A19 double dream + Carbendazim A20 12 unlined + Carbendazim A21 comedian + Carbendazim A22 Exotic Fairy + Carbendazim
Plant varieties:
Zhu Ding Red
Ball Root Planting time:
Spring and Autumn
Plant Growth Properties:
Flowering season:
Packing method:
Whether to import:
Degree of difficulty and ease:
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