Han Tang
009,180 type 200 type 280 type 300 type 400 type
Chinese mainland
Shandong Province
the city:
Color classification:
180 Upgrade Enhanced 180 Upgrade Plus 200 Upgrade Enhanced 200 Upgrade Plus Enhanced 280 Upgrade Enhanced 280 Upgrade Plus Enhanced 300 Upgrade Enhanced 300 Upgrade Plus Enhanced 400 Upgrade Plus Longer Plus 200 Square Shell Stainless Steel 180 Upgrade Strengthened D-type 200 upgrade strengthened D-type 200 upgraded plus D-type 800 oblique sieve high with D-type 1200 oblique sieve high with D-type oblique sieve enhanced type 1200 oblique sieve high with upgraded thickening microfiltration machine D-type (meat duck dung Use)
The name of the device:
Wet and dry separator solid-liquid separator
The applicable object:
Pig, cow, sheep, chicken, rabbit, duck food residue
304 stainless steel cast iron
Warranty period:
6 years
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