The material:
place of origin:
Dehua county
The number of suitable:
10 or more people
45 pieces
Color classification:
01 Jin Hongfu red purple suit 02 Jin Hongfu undressed ore black purple suit 03 Jin Hongfu green ice crack suit 04 Jin Hongfu glass blue and white suit 06 Jin Hongfu water ink black suit suits 05 Jin Hongfu 07 Jin Hongfu ink red suit 08 Jin Hongfu anaglyph celadon suit 09 reemergence red purple suit 10 reemergence undressed ore black purple suit the ranks 11 green ice crack suit step 12 flat
A price range:
300 yuan - 499 yuan
The main source of figure:
Independent actual photos
With tea tray material:
Tea tableware technology:
Choose region:
Choose shipping method:
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