YE-680 series
Fish leap
Measuring Pulse Bo Measuring Blood Pressure Power adapter Voice broadcast backlight large screen double switching misbeced alert 360 degrees with the heart measuring armband
Color classification:
(Charging version) 360-degree arm with backlight large screen, double switch, lithium battery ( about 65% of users choose) (YE670AR charging upgrade) eco-friendly lithium battery , soft light large screen , appearance upgrade 360-degree armband (YE680B backlight version) 360 Armbands , Double Switchs , Collection Bags (YE680B Non-Backlight) Standard Armbands , Double Switches , Battery Power (YE680C) , Warning Light Tips , Physical Keys Adjust Mute , Storage Bags , Battery Power (YE680B Gift Box) 360 The armband, the backlight big screen, the double switch (YE690D backlight) , the 5.0-inch large screen, the two-person switch, the power battery (YE690CR charging model) and the 5.0-inch large screen, the double switch, the charger
Where applicable:
Upper arm.
Production enterprises:
Jiangsu Fish Leap Medical Equipment Co., Ltd
Execute the standard number:
YZB Su 0448-2012 arm blood pressure meter
Value-added services:
National Insurance
Types of blood pressure instruments:
Electronic blood pressure meter
Suitable for people:
Follow your doctor's advice
Follow your doctor's advice
Registration number:
Suk-so note 20162200402
Shop hotspots:
Motion Tip Fully automatic semi-automatic font large screen large backlight voice broadcast with AC power supply rechargeable 360-degree multi-angle measuring arm with double-switch one-click measurement error alert
The name of the medical device product:
Arm electronic blood pressure meter
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