Half-life (auto parts)
Model Number:
Seven-seat special
Surface Material:
Polyurethane spandex PU
Color Classification:
Support 7 seats Middle aisle Right aisle 2 3 2 Color selection by model structure Remarks Model(Full leather)Standard Black 7 seats(full leather)Standard Beige 7 seats(full leather) Standard Black 7 seats (full leather)
Combination form:
Seven seats
Main surface material content:
91% (inclusive) -100% (excluding)
Applicable Season:
The Four Seasons
Car Brands:
Auchan Kai Wing Dongfeng scenery Baojun Qiteng Magic speed Futian Gold Cup Changhe Weiwang Dongfeng style Wuling Faw Jianghuai popular ratio speed Lifan Chase Changan Commercial Gio Buick Nissan Dongfeng Xiaokang Yingzhi Kai Rui
Car system:
Auchan A600 Auchan A800CX70 Auchan X70A,V3,Scenery S560 scenery 330 Scenery 350 Scenery 580 New energy SX6 scenery 580Pro scenery S370 scenery 330S scenery 580 scenery 370 Scenery 3,360730530,EX80M70M70EVV60,H3S3H3FH2,Landscape G7 Jiatu im8 Jiatu im6 Landscape G5 Jiatu,Sea lion s Small sea lion Small sea lion X30 Sea lion X30L Starfish t32 Gold cup 750 Sea lion T30,M50S Freudachang River Bread M70M50,M20M30M60306M35307205M50f,Handsome guest and handsome wind,Hongguang s3 Journey Rongguang V Hongguang 730 Rongguang small card Rongguang new card Rongguang Hongguang plus Rongguang EV,Xenia M80 Xenia S80,Ruifeng Ruifeng M3 Ruifeng M4,T5 Lingzhi Jingyi X6SX6 Lingzhi M5EV Jingyi X5S500 Jingyi X3,T3T5M3,Fengshun Maiwei Xing Shun Road,G50G10,Taurus Ono Changan Star 3 Rui Xing S50 Rui Xing M80 Auchan X70A Auchan A600 Changan star 9 Ou Liwei Auchan A600 EV Rui Xing S50T Changan Star 5,Star Lang,GL6GL8,NV200,Scenery 370K Series Scenery 330 scenery 360 scenery S560 Scenery 330S scenery 580 Scenery 350 scenery V Series scenery S370C Series scenery 580 New,737727737EV,K60EV Elegant Excellent Excellent k50EVK50K60 Excellent strength
Material Composition:
Number of seats:
Whether to replace the original car cover:
Whether the original car lines:
Choose region:
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