GGBOND Pig Warrior
Super Star Meng Favorite series
Applicable age:
3 years 4 years old, 5 years old, 6 years old, 7 years old.
China (mainland)
Applicability, No.:
Toy type:
Plastic toys
Color Categories:
Time spaceship deformation five fit (inner give movable v) Tyrannosaurus rex + deformation equation car tyrannosaurus rex + deformed cruiser Tyrannosaurus rex + deformed engineering vehicle Tyrannosaurus rex + deformed amphibious car Tyrannosaurus rex + deformed SUV Sprout Favorites Car 3 installed (a five + wood + Mountain) deformable + sliding sprout favorite deformation vehicle (a) Meng Pet deformation vehicle (Dashan) Sprout variant vehicle (wooden wood ) Super Star Meng Pet five combination of the favorite Iron Fist tiger sprout favorite flame crane sprout pet ice deer sprout favorite stone Bear Sound light version (Tyrannosaurus rex) Sound and light version (triangle Dragon) Sound and light version (like Crocodile Dragon) Sound and light version (egg thief)
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