Rui Xin
Color Categories:
Milky white other colors in other colours * white * Cosmos 1000 capsules + fat Send Spray pot * Mixed color Gesang (1 jin) mixed color Gesang (half jin) imported large flower Cosmos mixed color (1 Jin) imported large flower Cosmos red (1 Jin) imported large flower Cosmos Pink (1 Jin) imported large flower Cosmos yellow (1 Jin) imported large flower Cosmos White (1 Jin) Cosmos High Pole mixed color (1 Jin) Cosmos high Bar mixed color ( Half-pound) Cosmos dwarf mixed color (1 Jin) Cosmos Dwarf mixed color (half jin) hundred Day Grass Mixed color (1 jin) drought-tolerant wildflower combination (1 Jin) resistant to Yin Wildflower combination (1 jin) rooting powder 1 packets beautiful wildflowers combination (1 Jin)
Packing method:
Whether to import:
Flowering season:
Spring and Summer
Plant varieties:
Seed categories:
Flower-Watching seeds
Sowing season:
Spring and Autumn
Plant Growth attributes:
Ease of difficulty:
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