The movement
3D Stereo Sticker
Color classification:
Punisher, Silver Head, 1 Punisher, bald-headed Punisher, Blackhead Punisher, silver 1 Punisher square. 1 Thicken upgrades Silver Punisher Silver Punisher black eye Silver Punisher red eye Gold Punisher red Eye Black Punisher red eye bronze Punisher Red eye thickening Section upgrade black penalty person QC1 gun color valve mouth QC2 Luo color valve mouth punisher copper Head Punisher Jin Tou 56.5MM Punisher Black 1 piece Punisher head silver head small Mark 3*9cm* 3.9CM Metal Punisher Fang 1 56.5MM Punisher silver head 1 56.5MM Punisher red head 1 piece 64.5MM Punisher silver head with radians 1 slices
Foil type:
Body Stickers
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