Shandong Cottonseed
Color classification:
Super Select Cotton kernel 100 grams 20 yuan special selection of cotton kernel 200 grams 38 yuan special selection of cotton kernel 300 grams 56 yuan special selection of cotton kernel 400 grams 74 yuan Special Select cotton kernel 500 grams 90 yuan Select cotton kernel 150 grams 18 Yuan Select cotton Kernel 200 grams 25 yuan Select cotton kernel 300 grams 35 yuan Select cotton kernel 400 grams 45 yuan Select cotton Kernel 500 grams 55 yuan fine Select Cotton Benevolence 2 kg 100 yuan Select Cotton Benevolence 3 kg 145 yuan Select Cotton Benevolence 4 kg 185 yuan Select cotton Benevolence 5 kg 225 yuan sand pot fry system 100 grams 30 yuan with Shell cottonseed 16 Yuan 1 kg (buy two to send a) with cashmere belt shell cottonseed 9.9 yuan 1 kg
Plant varieties:
Seed Category:
Sowing season:
Plant Growth Properties:
One year's life
Flowering season:
Packing method:
Whether to import:
Degree of difficulty and ease:
So so
Choose region:
Choose shipping method:
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