Get together,
The material:
Violet arenaceous
Chinese style
place of origin:
Yixing city
The number of suitable:
10 or more people
38 pieces
Popular element:
Ink painting wind
Apply to space:
The sitting room
Color classification:
Full Dr Purple purple sand tea set a full Dr Dr Black purple sand tea sets a black purple sand tea set all Dr Dr Purple purple sand tea set in white tea black suit colorful ice crack Dr Suit malachite green tea ice crack Dr Dr Suit blue and white porcelain tea set Dr Dr Tang white porcelain tea set black purple sand tea kettle Dr Suit all purple purple sand tea kettle suit colorful ice crack Dr Green tea kettle suit blue and white
Gross weight:
In kind
A price range:
50 yuan to 99.9 yuan
The main source of figure:
Independent actual photos
Applicable scenario:
Daily gifts
With tea tray material:
The packing volume:
In kind
Tea tableware technology:
Whether the manual:
Choose region:
Choose shipping method:
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