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Activated carbon in addition to formaldehyde deodorization new room bamboo charcoal bag to taste home decoration absorb formaldehyde artifact carbon remover indoor

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Car refrigerator food cabinet shoes room
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(Recommended by the store manager) 7KG (enhanced) and 2400g (nano-mineral crystal) sent 6 detection (mother and child urgent) 6KG (mineral crystal) and (500ML lightless spray) sent 3 detection (town shop treasure) 6KG (K gold carbon) sent 4 test boxes (violent adsorption) 7000g (imported coconut shell) sent 4 test boxes purifying 70-120m2 5100g (imported coconut shell) sending 2 test boxes purifying 60-80m2 3500g (imported coconut shell) sending 2 test boxes purifying 50-70m2 1000g simple activated carbon (take 1 box of hair 2 boxes) to send 1 test box
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