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Vacuum compression bag large thickened cotton quilt bag to organize bags of clothing household clothing bags

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DR. STORAGE Dr. Storage
PA-PE material
Large (100 x 80cm)
Popular elements:
Makalong color
Space for use:
Color classification:
4 large plus hand pump thick 4 large plus hand pump thickening 9 pieces set ❤ (recommended) 4 medium 4 small 1 plus hand pump 5 large plus hand pump 7 medium plus hand pump (town shop model) 11 pieces set hand pump model 3 large 3 medium plus hand pump ❤ thickening 16 pieces set to meet a need❤ Hand pump 14 pieces set and flashlight pump♥ travel set 2 mini small 8 small , hand pump 7 medium and electric pump 4 large 4 medium and electric pump 2 special 3 small and electric pump 4 extra large 4 medium and electric pump 3 big 3 medium and electric pump 3 special 3 small and hand pump heartbeat 5 extra large and hand pump 5 extra large plus hand pump 6 extra large plus hand pump 4 big 4 medium plus hand pump 3 small 4 mini plus hand pump 2 extra large 5 medium plus hand pump 6 large plus electric pump 3 large plus electric pump 3 extra large 3 small plus hand pump 11 piece set plus hand pump 4 extra large 3 medium plus hand pump 5 large hand pump plus electric pump 5 extra large and electric pump ❤ small yellow duck 4 large 4 large 4 pumps free
Set specifications:
3 extra large 2 medium 3 small 2 mini 1 pump
Single-layer thickness:
9 silk
The applicable object:
Clothes fluffy toys, beies
The compressed form of cling film:
Bag pressure pumping type
Suitable for people:
After 90
Necessary documents for product export:
Customs clearances
Export testing agency:
Factory inspection standards:
Wal - mart
Enterprise export qualifications:
Import and export goods customs registration certificate
Taiwan, China
Exporting countries:
Choose region:
Choose shipping method:
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